Pure fruits is a game in the form of fresh fruits ready to give you many unexpected wins. This game developed by novomatic is starting to be known and liked by many gamers. This classic game model gives unexpected wins so many gamers want to play this game.

Maybe for senior players, they are no longer surprised by this pure fruits game. Games that once made gamers queue up and gave unexpected wins. This game which is made up of 5 reels and 3 rows gives a fairly high coin value. Getting a high score, of course, no one rejects it, right? ?

Betting game

In addition to the score, you will also get steps that you can win in the Pure Fruits game. There are 5 steps you can use to win this game. To start playing this pure fruits game, you have to place a bet value first. It can be with the bet value from the smallest first if gamers still don’t know how to play the pure fruits game. Wolframlive

The bet amount can be from 5 to 500 bets which you use to win the game. The value of the bet is high enough to make many ask how much value will they get when they successfully complete this game? many players are curious about the pure fruits game but it is also an obstacle for players.

get the same sign to win//Pure

Play with device

Because the high bet value makes many gamers only play with low bet values. Even though the stakes are not high, they have been able to give an amazing win so pure fruits is still a mystery to other players. To play gamers do not need to bother using a large device anymore.

Because the novomatic team makes games that can be played on small devices but can’t download games. The nature of the game that can only be played through the website only. Devices that gamers can use to play pure fruits can use mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. The image in the game is very bright making the shape of the fruit look fresh and ripe.

Symbol and direction of the game

You can find various types of fruit and other symbols in the Pure Fruits game, such as: watermelon, lemon, orange, grape, plum, cherry, number 7, star, and bell. A game that is ready to give you an unexpected chance to win. Purple is the color of the game background. If the gamer manages to get the same number 7, he will get an unexpected win.

The direction of the game that gives value from left to right can make you win easily. Each game symbol will be ready to give a lot of unexpected value. Gamers who are still curious about pure fruits can be played in 2 modes, namely demo game mode and real money bets.

Choose game demo and bet money

Playing demo games will make gamers easy. Not afraid of losing the money and being able to know how much value gamers will get when they win. Through the game demo you can find out how to win in pure fruits. Playing with games that use real money provides immeasurable pleasure.

Which in each symbol will form the same sign and give free spins to gamers. Free spins will be active if they manage to get the same 3 stars. Not only free spins but you will also get double the game value.