Impera link book of hera

impera link book of hera
impera link book of hera

Impera link book of hera

Now comes a game that gives high value to gamers. Now novomatic is making a greek game in collaboration with impera link. Games that will give gamers a high jackpot. Enter the game and feel the power of the beautiful goddess hera. A book that tells the power of the goddess and how to win the game.

Some interesting stories that gamers can find in the game impera link book of hera. Impera link book of hera has 5 reels with attractive and beautiful symbols. A slot game that will give gamers 10 wins. Follow the game impera link book of hera and experience exciting and interesting adventures in the game.

Play with real money bets

Wolframlive – Dewi Hera is the queen of beautiful gods and is also the goddess of marriage. Wife of god Zeus and sister of Zeus. If gamers want to play the game impera link book of hera, please prepare enough bet money. Because the impera linkbook of hera game is played with real bet money.

So gamers must be able to set the bet value that gamers want. Simply pressing the minus and plus signs you can already set the amount of bet you want. Games that have beautiful and elegant theme colors. In which the goddess uses a crown of peacock feathers to make the goddess look elegant.

the story of goddess hera//Hera

Symbols and jackpots

The way the game starts from left to right and diagonally so you have a chance to win. You can see symbols that still smell like Greece in the game info. There will be a lot of info that gamers can find such as value, number of symbols, and steps or stages of winning the game. The symbols found on the game screen such as the goddess hera, peacock, urn, book of hera, playing cards, blue coins and many more symbols that you can find in the game impera link book of hera.

In this game gamers will be faced with spin locks and game jackpots. There are 5 game jackpots available in the impera link book of hera game such as: mini, major, minor, impera link, and grand. When you get 3 books of hera, gamers will get 10 free games. During the free game the screen will rotate and will present a number to add the free game.

Wild and scatter play automatically

It’s not just free games that gamers get, but the impera link book of hera game will also give you a spin key. To be able to activate the spin lock, gamers must get the same coin sign to be active. Blue coins that have different values ​​will give gamers a value. In a locked screen gamers have to get coins and jackpots again to be able to get coins and win.

Dewi Hera became wild in the game impera linkbook of hera. A symbol that can replace all symbols except the scatter. Scatter comes in the form of a book of heroes. Scatter which gives 10 free games to gamers. The game impera link bookof hera can also be played with automatic games. Games that make it easy for gamers so gamers don’t have to wait long.

Playing with the automatic screen will make the screen rotate quickly so gamers don’t have to wait long. The screen will rotate on its own so gamers don’t have to press the start button again. It’s faster and easier to win.