Hey gamers, who are looking for fun games that are easy to take home with money. Gamers can play Fruits of Fortone II. A new game which is the 2nd series of the first fruits of fortune. The first game that managed to get a lot of attention and become popular among gamers both new and old.

Maybe at first glance the fruit of fortune II game is almost similar to the first fruit of fortune game. Yeah! Why not ? The first game that has succeeded in increasing its popularity has the form of symbols of numbers and bells. Same with the 2nd game where every symbol and symbol writing is exactly the same as a betel split 2.

Comparison of the first fruits of fortune game with the second.

Wolframlive – Even though all the symbols look the same, there is something that distinguishes the fruit of fortune game from fruits of fortune II. What distinguishes this game can be seen from the bonus game that has been provided by novomatic. The first form of the bonus game is in the form of a wheel that has a game symbol. while the 2nd series game has a wheel filled with multiplied numbers.

Fruits of fortune II is in the form of 5 reels and 3 rows. The winning step can be obtained as many as 10 steps. Games that use these fruits will give you unexpected wins. By rotating the screen and presenting a chance to win. Be prepared for the presence of a wheel that provides unexpected value.

doubled the value of the win//Fruits

Winning wheel and scatter.

Spin the wheel of victory as fast as you can and get double the value in the game fruits of fortune II. The direction of victory that can be started from left to right will bring gamers an exciting victory. With the direction of victory that can be seen, gamers can take game bonuses with combined wins. As for the scatter, it cannot give a combination value of the winning direction.

The scatter form of the fruit of fortune II game is in the form of a star. Get a lot of wins to be able to play your money multiplier wheel game. Inside the wheel, there will be many numbers ready to give you a high score from 2x to 10x. The higher the wheel value obtained, the greater the gamer’s chance to win.

Game symbol info

The fruits of fortune II game has the same symbol shape as the first fruits of fortune. From fruits, numbers, bells, bars, and stars. Similar but a little different, so for gamers who want to play the fruit of fortune game, they have to be careful when they want to play. If gamers are still curious, you can see game info.

In the info there will be a lot of information about the symbols in the fruit of fortune II game. There will be a large number of symbol values ​​that gamers can find and game motifs. after knowing and reading the description of the game, gamers can easily play and win big in the game.

Play with auto button

When you feel tired of pressing the button, gamers can press the button or select an automatic game. By using the game automatically on the screen will rotate by itself so that gamers no longer need to press start again. Gamers just wait for the screen to rotate and get the game winning value.

It’s just a matter of waiting, you don’t have to bother anymore to press the button, all values ​​can be obtained easily. The fruit of fortune game will continue as long as there are plenty of credits. When the number of credits runs out, the game will end.